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Your Guide to Finding English-Speaking Doctors and Health Specialists in Japan

How many times have you tried to find an English-speaking doctor in Japan and had to ask everyone you know to find a good one?

Or maybe you have been looking for vegetarian or vegan-friendly places in Japan and could hardly find one even after an exhaustive search?

How about that one time you wanted to enjoy a good therapeutic massage but were not sure which place to trust?

Well, your troubles are over with the discovery of a really helpful health and wellness site for Japan called



HealthyTokyo Home Page

HealthyTokyo is a very handy website and app that opened in December 2014 designed to help expats and foreign travelers with easy-access to health and wellness services in Japan. The multicultural team (Japanese, Canadian, American and European) behind HealthyTokyo have called upon their long experience in the Japanese healthcare and IT industries to create a website and services that provide a real solution for the struggles an expat or traveler in Japan may encounter.


How can I use it?

 Healthy Partners Map Page
It is really simple – Free registration gives you access to an easy-to-navigate homepage from which you can search among three different categories of health and wellness partners:

Medical partners: English-speaking doctors and dentists
Wellness coaches: Includes fitness, lifestyle and personal development English-speaking coaches.
Healthy Partners: A wide range of expert wellness facilities including gyms, spas, beauty salons, healthy restaurants offering vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food and much more.

Within the categories, each partner has their own page providing the essential detailed information you need to know about their services, products and specialities.

You can also upgrade to the premium membership plan which gives you access to a live Healthy Concierge who will help you find the places you are looking for, whether they are HealthyTokyo partners or not, and also make appointments. Premium plan members also get exclusive promotional offers like discounts or free trials.

Made for English-speaking expats and travelers to Japan – by an international team of experts in Japan, is a wonderful resource to help you stay healthy.

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