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4 Wonderful Karaoke Spots in Tokyo that are Far from Normal

Do you like karaoke? Karaoke really livens up nomikai (drinking party) after-parties or regular parties. These karaoke we’ll introduce to you today are spreading all across Japan and don’t deliver just the normal level of excitement but have many more things combined in them. Finally, there are also halal-safe karaoke so Muslims can safely have fun and enjoy delicious Japanese food.


FIORIA Shinjuku

FIORIA is a karaoke place with a total of 20 rooms, which are all high-class and for adults.

Includes a Jacuzzi

Don’t forget your swimsuit if you pick this room!

Includes a loft

This is just like your bedroom!

Includes cosplay

Feel free to use the cosplay costumes in this room. Even if you don’t like cosplay, it’ll make for a great time!

You can pick from relaxed to exciting to fit your mood. You can pick a big room with just 2 people, live in luxury, and watch a DVD! Enjoy yourself the way you like. It’s like a ryokan so you’re probably worried about which room to pick. At the branch in Roppongi, there are also rooms with footbaths. Information: Map

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PASELA Akihabara Showadori building

Pasela has a lot of stores in the heart of the city. They also have them in Yokohama and Osaka. They’re all easy to access and this Showadori building is 1 minute walk from Akihabara Station. And since it’s Akihabara, they have many rooms focusing on anime and games.

Chabudai (low table) Japanese-style room

Do karaoke in a room from the Showa era. Good!

Airou Room

Airou’s footprints are all over this room. Adorable!

Evangelion Room

The Spear of Longinus is embedded in the table. Cool!

Bathhouse Room

This room is styled like an old bathhouse. It’s got Mt. Fuji. So old-timey!

Kyun Chara Room

They have a lot of items like figurines in the showcases! You’ll have fun even if you don’t sing.

They’ve built each room with a lot of care going into the concept so that stepping inside feels like a different world. Information: Map


Moshi Moshi Box

MOSHI MOSHI BOX appeared suddenly on Harajuku Meiji-dori. This is the only free information center with full support for foreign visitors in Tokyo. Come here if you’re in a pinch!

It’s got a colorful outside because the office that runs it is affiliated with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Inside are guides stationed who know English and many other languages. You can use free wi-fi, charge your devices for free, and even use their computers for free. They also have original souvenirs and have a money-exchange machine for foreign currency.

And each person can sing 1 song for free. If you get 90 pts or higher, you’ll get a crepe.

Be sure to get a Harajuku specialty crepe! Information: Map

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Manekineko yotsuya sanchome

Manekineko is the largest karaoke chain in Japan. Recently, these Manekineko have opened halal-safe karaoke shops (certified local halal by the Malaysia Halal Corporation).

It’s halal but none of the flavors are gone. Their popular menu items include curry, ramen, edamame, gyoza, and even Japanese-style ice cream. And everything from the kitchen, glasses and plates are kept separate from what’s used with the general public.

And they haven’t forgotten the need for prayer with a chart set up. When it’s time, you can look at the Kiblat on the ceiling and know which direction to face. They also have space set aside for prayers. Information: Map

Japanese karaoke is always changing so things might look even more different by the time you get here!

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