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Summer in Hokkaido: Amazing Views from the Closest Café to Heaven

The time is finally here for 2016; it’s Unkai Terrace Season! It has been referred to as the “Closest café to heaven” and has attracted many tourists both domestically and internationally. Today we introduce the amazing views that lead to such popularity. In fact the video above is the most recent video of the café for the year 2016. The dynamically flowing unkai or sea of clouds is just amazing!


Unkai Terrace: Have the Best Cup of Morning Coffee!

A view so amazing as if you are flying through the sky

The Unkai Terrace is a sky deck that is adjacent to the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu of Hokkaido. Ski and winter season travel is often associated with Hokkaido, but in the summertime, there is this amazing feature; sea of clouds. Seeing the power of nature in such dynamic scale leaves many at a loss for words. It is astonishingly mystical as well. Your morning cup of coffee in such an environment…pure perfection!


What’s All the Hype?

The Unkai Terrace is located about 13 minutes up the mountain on the gondola. It is a sky deck specifically for viewing the flowing sea of clouds. It is at a perfect 1,088 meters above sea level so that the sea of clouds flows so close as if you can almost touch them. The white waves of clouds are reputed to be mystical beyond imagination.


Any Points to Take Note Of?

The sea of clouds is not something that you can always see. The geological conditions of Hokkaido’s Tomamu and the daily weather conditions must align perfectly for them to appear. It is said that the possibility of seeing the sea of clouds is an average of 30% to 40%, we urge you to try your luck.

 – Recommended Season to View the Sea of Clouds: June to Early September

A waterfall of clouds is worth seeing even if you have to get up a little early. It would be nice if you could see it right against a backdrop of the rising sun.


The New Deck, Cloud Walk

Actually, the Unkai Terrace is not the only feature in the area. In September 2015, a new facility, the Cloud Walk was developed adjacent to it. The suspension bridge type of deck that juts out from the slope of the mountain will give you a fantastical sensation as if you are walking on clouds. You’ll enjoy the panoramic view in front of your eyes. If by chance, you unfortunately are not able to see the clouds on the Unkai Terrace, there still is the Cloud Walk, so you wouldn’t leave with nothing.


Super Refreshing! Unkai Yoga


And there’s more. There is Unkai yoga offered for anyone to participate for free, and no reservations are required. Practicing yoga at an elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level takes you back to the origins of yoga. Enjoy the beams of the morning sun and the grand view of the flowing clouds in front of your eyes; practicing yoga in this environment should give anyone a refreshing sensation within a short period of time. Take a big breath of fresh air and enjoy the grand nature of Hokkaido in its entirety.

Dates for Unkai Terrace, Cloud Walk, Unkai Yoga:
2016/5/14~8/31 4:00~8:00
2016/9/1~10/17 4:30~8:00


Overnight Stay At the Hoshino Resorts

2 Towers in the Front Left: The Tower, 2 Towers in the Back Right: Risonare Tomamu,

Recommended accommodations nearby would be the Hoshino Resorts. There are 2 types of twin towers near the Unkai Terrace.


The sea of clouds leading to heaven (?) in Tomamu, Hokkaido. Please do remember that the best season for Hokkaido is not limited to its winters. And do try this unbelievable experience at least once in a life time; it’s as if you are riding in an airship!

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