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4 Tokyo Restaurant Experiences You’ll Wanna Try

Several years ago in Japan, experiential restaurants became a big thing. These restaurants aim to please their customers and give them a good time. From out of all of them, we have here today some Tokyo izakaya restaurants that embrace the heart of Japan. You can have fun while learning about Japan from all of these places and we highly recommend them.


Dagashi Bar

The Dagashi Bar is set up in Ebisu, Ningyocho, Ikebukuro and Suitengu. The photo is from the Ningyocho bar. It’s got a rustic feel with soft lighting, lanterns, and an old style mail box for an evocative and very calming atmosphere.

The retro Showa era-style interior gives a feeling of nostalgia. It’s similar to the Shinjuku Golden Street.

The sweets they sell number over 100 and you can eat as many as you’d like for a base fee of 500 yen. They’re full of snacks that people ate as children that are falling out of popularity nowadays. Be careful not to overeat! I’m sure you know about Showa Japan. They also get a lot of Japanese customers revealing in the old days.

This is an izakaya so of course they also have alcohol and a regular menu too. Please pay just for your additional orders. The regular menu uses modern Japanese snacks like Pocky and Jagariko so you can compare old and new snacks.

Information: , Map (Ebisu)


Ninja Akasaka

A super famous place run by ninja. Enter down this hidden area and…


There’s a very entertaining izakaya restaurant where ninja cook for you using ninjutsu skills. They provide full-course meals with cool historical characters like Hanzo and Hideyoshi. Fear not—they even have a special meal for vegetarian (the ‘vegetarian course’). The special layout inside and the attentiveness of the ninja staff make this great for ninja lovers!


Ninja Meal 5:48~

There are many ninja meal outside of those shown in the video and new menu items are slowly being added.

Information: , Map

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Year 6 Class 4 Shibuya School

The inside is built like an old Japanese school that makes you think you’re back in the Showa era. Each room is its own space and you can enjoy drinking here with your friends.

The menu is based on the school lunch so you can experience what we Japanese used to eat. I remember the agepan (deep-fried bread) being a favorite. There’s three types: roasted soy flour, sugar and cocoa and they’re the perfect size! I miss them~


You can mix your own cocktails. This is truly a dining experience. Discover what you like through trial and error.

You can also take simple language and math tests so those who know Japanese will get even more from the experience. It’s a 5 min walk from Shibuya Station in the direction of Dogenzaka.

Information: Map




There are stores set up in places like Shinjuku and Meguro. Inside is a big fish tank and then bam! a boat.


What’s special here is catching your own live fish and having it made into sashimi there for you to eat. Fish taste good when you catch them yourself, not to mention fresh! And ones you catch are 20-30% cheaper. There’s nothing better!

They also have make-your-own-sushi classes. For those of you on a family vacation, your kids are sure to love this! Be sure to add this one to your plans.

Information: , Map (Shinjuku)

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