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Kurand Sake Market: 100+ Types of Sake For All You Can Drink

Kurand Sake Market is a specialty shop for Japanese sake with branches in Shibuya, Asakusa and Ikebukuro of Tokyo. We would like to introduce how they work, since it’s a system that can be enjoyed by both the sake lover and those who are new to sake. Ref: Photo


What Makes Kurand Sake Market Unique

1. Only a 3,000 Yen Payment Upon Entry


First you pay 3,000 Yen at the entrance. Your bill is that one payment and there are no additional charges. You are able to stay in the store for as long as you like after that, without any limitation on time.

2. Choose Your Glass


Choose a glass before you drink your sake. There’s the wooden masu (box shaped vessel) to enjoy the woody fragrance, the Japanese style ochoko (sake cup), the Western wine glass and so on. Choose a style based on how you’re feeling. You can also change cups as you like.

3. All You Can Drink Sake

There are over 100 Japanese sake brands listed on the Sake List. The Sake List is provided at the entrance. You can try a brand you like of course, or try as many brands that you don’t know, for all you can drink. It’s a self-serve style where you help yourself to the sake you want, and pour it yourself at your designated table. There are many rare brands that aren’t often in circulation in the city so it should be really fun. Even if you were to try the same brand of sake, by changing the cup, you can enjoy a different flavor experience. And as we mentioned earlier, there’s no limit on time.

4. Helpful Guidance

For those from overseas who do not read Japanese, rest assured! There are English translations, English speaking staff and each sake is labeled with a number tag and lined up in numerical order. Therefore, you should have no trouble picking the one of your choice out of the many different types of sake. There is also sweet, dry, unrefined, refreshing…characteristics of each type are indicated as well so you are easily able to differentiate and pick out the flavors you like.

5. Bring Your Own

They only have simple menu items. However, you are free to bring in any foods that you have purchased outside. They also have a microwave, electric kettle, chopsticks, paper plates, seasonings and condiments etc you shouldn’t have too much trouble no matter what you bring in. Even if you enter once, you are able to go out, buy some more stuff and reenter. You have the freedom as if you were drinking at your own home.


If you are going to buy some snacks, the convenience store is great. But also try visiting the basement floor of large scale department stores.


There, you will find a heavenly space filled with food, called the depa-chika by the Japanese. It’s depa for department store and chika the Japanese word for basement. In Tokyo there are department stores like the Tobu department store and the Seibu department stores so do go and have a look.


Paired with Oden


The restaurant allows you to heat the sake and drink as a warm drink. How about warm sake paired with the oden, perfect for this time of year. Try a tasting of regional sakes in search of your favorite. Information: Map

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