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15 + More, Wasabi Flavored Snacks from Japan

A feature on Japanese snacks, wasabi edition! Which one will captivate your tastebuds?! 


1. Wasa-Beef   w/ No Beef



We suspect the most famous wasabi flavored snack in Japan is the wasa-beef chips. Although, in this version they have removed the beef so all that is left is wasabi lol Rumor has it that they are extremely spicy.

Wasa-Beef   w/ No Wasabi


There are also versions of these chips that have removed the wasabi flavoring… This one is not spicy at all. Since these chips are not exactly a wasabi product, this is a bonus introduction. 


2. Ganko Age-Potato Chips   Yaki-Nori (Baked Seaweed) Wasabi Flavor




3. Pringles   Wasabi Mayonnaise Flavor


Mayonnaise goes with everything. So, naturally it is delicious paired with wasabi as well.


4. Kaki no Tane (Kaki-Peanuts)   Wasabi Flavor



There is no one in Japan who dislikes or is unfamiliar with Kaki-peanuts, often abbreviated as Kaki-P. Once you start snacking on them, you won’t be able to stop.


5. Jagarico   Wasabi & Soy Sauce Flavor




6. Potato Chips   Horseradish & Soy Sauce Flavor


From Japan’s original potato chips manufacturer/distributor, Calbee.


7. Wasabi-Nori Taro


A budget-friendly snack that has been around for a very VERY long time. I used to eat them often when I was a kid. They can be found at certain convenience stores even today so if you happen to come across one, why not give it a try. I highly recommend it.


8. Teshioya   Wasabi/Salt Flavor    




9. Pretz   Rice Pretzel, Wasabi Flavor

From the universally loved Pretz. A mild deliciousness.


10. Happy Turn   Ume (Sour Plum) Wasabi Flavor



Another long-lasting popular snack that has jumped on this wasabi-bandwagon is the adorably wrapped Happy Turn rice crackers. The powder stuck to the crackers is referred to as “Happy Powder” and is said to bring you happiness. The Happy Turn crackers can be enjoyed on three levels in the following order; Happy Powder —> Ume —> Wasabi (sweet —> sour —> spicy). 


11. Jagabee   Wasabi Salt Flavor



12. Kinoko no Yama (Chocorooms)   Wasabi Soft Serve Flavor



A Shizuoka wasabi soft serve ice cream flavored chocolate sweets. I wonder if there is a wasabi flavor for the Takenoko no Sato (Chococones), which is equally as popular as the Chocorooms. 


13. Wasabi Ramune

Ramune is a Japanese soda that is especially popular at street festivals. When you combine the carbonation from the soda with the sting of the wasabi, it is very refreshing.


14. Wasabi Caramel



15. Kit Kat, Tamaruya Honten Wasabi Flavor

Here comes another flavor from Kit Kat! Even as a native Japanese person, we are astounded by the number of Japan’s Kit Kat flavor options.

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Bonus #1: U.F.O.   Wasabi Mayonnaise Flavor



Bonus #2: Ippei-chan   Wasabi Mayonnaise Flavor

The wasabi inspiration has also extended to Japan’s instant yakisoba (fried noodles) collection! Personally, I am an Ippei-chan fan.

*This list includes seasonal items and items exclusive to certain regions.


GJ Personal Summary

  • Must Try At Least Once: Kit Kat, Tamaruya Honten Wasabi Flavor
  • Most Delicious: Happy Turn, Ume (Sour Plum) Wasabi Flavor
  • Best Beer (Booze) Snack: Kaki no Tane (Kaki-Peanuts), Wasabi Flavor
  • Quick/Handy Snacking: Wasabi-Nori Taro
  • Spiciest: Wasa-Beef, w/ No Beef. It is great as a penalty/punishment food in games!


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