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4 Types of Pokemon Nintendo 2DS Consoles on Sale for Under 10,000 Yen in Japan!

About 2 years ago, the Nintendo 2DS, the bargain edition of the Nintendo 3DS, became available overseas. The 2DS has no 3D functions so it was cheaper. However, the 2DS never went on sale in Japan. But now there are 4 versions (Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Pikachu) that have gone on sale for a limited time only with special exclusives, bringing back memories of when the first Pokemon came out on Gameboy. The ones on sale now are surely targeting those who played the original Pokemon as children.


Special Exclusives

1. Mew trade ticket

Get the elusive Mew!

2. Download an original theme

Get a code to change how your home menu looks! *4 varieties, different with each package

3. Original stickers

Get stickers to decorate your Nintendo 2DS the way you want! *4 varieties, different with each package.

4. Town map

Get a paper town map from the Gameboy’s original Pokemon Red and Blue (known as ‘Green’ in Japan)!

Goes on sale: 2/27/2016
Pre Orders Start: 12/26/2015
Price: 9,980 yen

Click here for details:

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