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Jigokudani Monkey Park: See the Only Snow Monkeys in the World

Jigokudani Monkey Park, in a secluded region of Nagano Prefecture, is about a 7-minute car ride from the Shibu Onsen district (to the entrance, anyway). After the park opened in 1964, Jigokudani Monkey Park became famous worldwide as a place for seeing monkeys in onsen. The reason is, it is said that the only wild monkeys that live in regions where it snows is the Japanese macaque monkeys of Jigokudani Monkey Park. Photo

Cars aren’t allowed from the entrance up to the place where you can see the snow monkeys so you’ll be walking for 20-25 minutes on this mountain path.


When you reach the top, you’ll likely see over 100 monkeys in groups. Snow monkeys are special because they have no fear of humans. Since they don’t see humans as enemies, they won’t even approach you begging for food and won’t threaten you. The monkeys act this way because everyone has followed the rules written below since the park first opened. So be sure to remember to learn and follow the park rules.

 – No showing or giving food
 – No staring at them in the eyes
 – No petting the monkeys
*Photos are permitted

An additional highlight of this experience is that the monkey’s emotions are easy to interpret as they are similar to humans’ and you can enjoy observing the lives of the monkeys in their natural state. We’re sure you’ll lose track of time watching these monkeys. Information: Map

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