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Ameyoko: How to Approach the Popular Tokyo Tourist Destination

Ameya-Yokocho, aka Ameyoko, is proudly first-class even within Tokyo when it comes to liveliness. As you walk along the main street you are sure to encounter some mesmerizing stores, but today we have compiled reasons why Ameyoko is such a great place, and the must-see stores for first time visitors. We would love for you to take a trip over to Ameyoko, where the festivities never end.


1. A lively and exciting atmosphere


Packed with people, this area is festive all year round. It is overflowing with humanity, where you can safely enjoy the company of others.


2. An abundance of cheap and delicious snacks

This is Ameyoko’s signature dish, ameyoko-yaki. It is similar to an okonomiyaki, which is a savory Japanese pancake with a variety of options for ingredients, and is ridiculously delicious. Do not miss out! Aside from this, there are plenty of other food stalls to visit as well.


They also offer kaisen-don, which is an assortment of seafood over a bed of white rice. The quantity and price cannot be beat! This also is definitely worth trying.


3. Niki no Kashi


This revered candy and snack store was founded in 1947. The reason we would love for you to visit Niki no Kashi is because they carry over 10,000 types of sweets, of which most cannot be purchased at typical stores. These “rare” sweets include traditional candies enjoyed since the Showa period, as well as regionally specific snacks that are usually unattainable unless you travel all over the country. Why not take a trip to this amazing candy store for a souvenir and grab some unique Japanese treats that you can be sure no one has ever brought home! 


4. Tokudaiji



There is a temple called Tokudaiji by the side of Ameyoko’s main street. What is unique about Japanese temples is that they are not built in places of significance, but rather near cities and towns for the common people to have access. This is why it is so important to venture into small side roads as well, when visiting a tourist site in Japan. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. We hope you take the time to visit this temple as well, while touring Ameyoko. Information: Map

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