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Binge on Ramen! 6 Ramen Restaurants (Theme Parks) Around Japan

Do you like ramen? Oh yeah, we sure do like them a lot! There are many places where you can enjoy ramen even outside Japan these days, but it would be great if you can try them in Japan, the birthplace of ramen. So here we are introducing you to those “ramen theme parks,” the facilities gathering many ramen restaurants together on one site. Once you visit either one of them, you will surely have a huge trouble deciding which ramen to try.


1. Tokyo Ramen Street

Location: Tokyo Station

Ramen Street is probably the first to come to the mind of many as a spot with many ramen restaurants. While you can easily come across a ramen restaurant or two in the streets of Tokyo as the city has attracted many branches of famous ramen restaurants around Japan, here at Ramen Street, which occupies a corner of the First Avenue Tokyo Station (Tokyo-eki Ichiban-gai), the commercial facility located underground of the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station, you can find a selection of carefully selected, best and most famous ramen restaurants. You won’t be disappointed to pick any of the restaurants here and you can also tirelessly keep coming back here because there are 8 stores each offering its own unique selections of ramen.

Genmai Vege Soba,

Our top recommendation restaurant here is “Soranoiro Nippon.” One of the interesting items it offers is “Vege Soba,” which is made without any animal ingredients and vegan-friendly. Awarded a Bib Gourmand of Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015, it is one of the great ramen restaurants now on the rise.


2. Sapporo Susukino Ramenkan

Location: Susukino, Hokkaido Prefecture


In Susukino, the popular tourist spot in Hokkaido, there is a new 4-story building exclusively dedicated to ramen restaurants. It is a brand-new ramen theme park which has been open for less than a year.

This is a perfect place to warm yourself up from within in the cold winter of Hokkaido.

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3. Mentatsu Shichininshu


Location: Shinagawa Station, Tokyo

“Mentatsu Shichininshu” is located adjacent to Shinagawa Station. This ramen theme park allows you to enjoy ramen from 7 well-established restaurants and has given the town of Shinagawa a high reputation as the best place to enjoy ramen.


One of the tenants here is Nantsuttei, who has also produced its own original instant cup noodles.

Go Go Curry

With “Donburi Goninshu,” another area with multiple food stalls offering B-class gourmet items, also adjoining the ramen theme park, this area in Shinagawa is a great food paradise!


4. Ramen Square

Location: Tachikawa Station, Tokyo


Ramen Square gathers 7 ramen restaurants in a space themed on a street in New York. With many ramen restaurants eagerly applying to open their own branches here to challenge other restaurants, every outlet here always strives to serve their best possible quality ramen to survive the intense competition.



5. Ramen Stadium

Location: Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture


Ramen Stadium is on one of the floors of Canal City Hakata, the commercial complex housing various stores, theater and other facilities. It currently has 8 ramen restaurants. The great location allows you to drop by here for ramen anytime on your way to or from shopping.

初代 秀ちゃん

Enjoy the basic style of Hakata ramen; the combination of rich flavored tonkotsu (pork bone broth) soup and straight noodles.

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6. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture


Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is very famous and some of you may already have visited or at least know about it already. It opened as one of the first ramen theme parks in Japan. Within the site, there are not only famous ramen restaurants from around Japan but also a sweets shop, cafe as well as bar. You can even enjoy picture-card shows, street performances and various other events at this ramen theme park filled with an atmosphere of good old Japan.

So many options here will make you confused in joy!!


Wouldn’t it be a great idea to go on a ramen tour around Japan in search of the nation’s most popular ramens?

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