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Only 1,750 Worldwide! “Wired x Attack on Titan” Collaborative Watches

Attack on Titan is extremely popular worldwide for its amazing world and charming characters. Since it aired as an anime in 2013, plans for collaborations have come from all sides and made it a social phenomenon. And finally they’ve also started working on the anticipated 2nd season. Rumors say it may air in 2016 but the internet is also full of rumors that it’ll be in 2017, leaving many fans impatiently waiting for the official announcement.

And now they’ve announced a collaboration with this hugely popular manga, Attack on Titan, and a watch brand popular among young people, Wired. With the concept “From Japan to the World,” they’ve combined fashion and function into a next-gen watch since they were established in June 2000. Wired is not only endorsed by young adults in their 20s to 30s but they also have prior experience with designing many collaborative watches.


Don’t Miss Out! Orders Open Starting July 3rd

Ahead of when the Wired x Attack on Titan limited-edition watches will go on sale on September 9th 2016 (Fri), there will be pre-ordering available starting from July 3rd (Sun). There will only be 1,750 pieces sold worldwide (with 1500 of those in Japan). These watches represent two very popular characters in Attack on Titan: the protagonist Eren, who fights to exterminate the titans according to his beliefs while being a titan himself and Captain Levi, said to be mankind’s strongest soldier and adored by female fans.


Engraved Seal on the Back Cover

Engraved on the back are Eren and Levi’s silhouettes as well as the Wired logo and serial number. The serial number 0001 will be gifted to the creator, Hajime Isayama. The person who receives the limited-edition watch with the serial number linked to the Attack on Titan creator will surely feel an even stronger bond to him. For fans, this is one Attack on Titan item that they’ll definitely want.


Original Case & Elegant Options

The high quality, limited-edition box that contains the Eren signature model and the Levi signature model is based off the magazines used by the Survey Corps. The Wired and each of the respective character’s Survey Corps logo is engraved on the dial of each model. It is a design that would work for not just for daily use but in the business scene too.

And with each model are original pins that show Eren and Levi wearing their watches and a sticker of the two standing side-by-side.


The Wired x Attack on Titan limited-edition watches were made completely with the fans in mind. If you get to wear one, it’ll make you 1 of the 1,750 privileged fans. Congratulations!

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