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12 Interesting “Made in Japan” Bath Additives You Gotta Try

Japan has a lot of notable hot springs. Surely there are some of you who have gone one an onsen trip or are planning one? Of course, the best part is getting there and having a soak, but what about those who are strapped for time or money? Well, for these people, here are some bath additives on sale in Japan to make you smile!


Japanese care a lot about bathing

Japanese have cared about baths since ancient times. People would take a soak in the bath every day before Western showers were introduced. Leisure facilities are garnering attention for their baths with things from traditional yuzu (hot citron) baths to sake baths.


Bath additives from all over Japan

On sale are bath additive sets where you can experience famous onsens like Hakone, Kusatsu or Beppu in your own home. You can experience hot springs from the entire country of Japan, making this one must-buy souvenir from Japan.


Standard bath additives


Long-time sellers of bath powders include Babu, Basukurin and Basuroman. You can’t go wrong buying from them. Babu, in particular, is a product every Japanese person knows. The carbon dioxide gas released from them stimulates blood circulation and improves fatigue, stiff shoulders and chills. They have a big variety but their yuzu is their most popular.


Interesting bath additives

1. LUSH Bath Bomb


This well talked-about bath additive turns your tub into the cosmos. Turn off the lights, get some candles, and your bathroom becomes a new dimension!

2. Candy Line


Throw into your bath some Japanese candies like Yukimi Daifuku, Koala March, Umaibo and Apollo. They’ll make your skin feel springy like mochi (Yukimi Daiuku)!

3. Marimokkori

A figurine of Marimokkori will float up once it’s completely dissolved. This fun bath additive will tell your fortune.

4. Curry

Are you an ingredient for curry? There are four kinds: mild, spicy, extra spicy and stew.

5. Doraemon Series


Choose the character who fits your mood! Nobita is for relaxing, Shizuka-chan is for good skin, Jaiko is for young ladies, Jaian is piping hot, Suneo is for feeling rich, and Doraemon is for feeling springy.

6. Boobs

Lol, in association with boobs, it turns the bath water a translucent white and has a sweet, milky aroma.

7. Garigari-kun

Like melting ice cream… lol

8. Habanero

It looks like it’ll make you sweat from just the habanero, but reviews say it’s not quite that strong.

9. Bikkura Tamago (Surprise Egg)

They have all kinds but they’ve just put out a Pokemon version. When you throw the Pokeball into the tub…


You get a Pokemon figurine!

10. Macaron

It feels like a waste to dissolve them…

11. Poop

Poop, like straight from the picture… lol. Don’t worry: it doesn’t smell like it! It’s rose-scented.

12. Ramen


Get into a bath of chicken ramen broth. This one too has a cute baby chick that comes out when it dissolves!
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What do you think about Japan’s interesting bath additives? It’ll change your tub into an event! Try them out!

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