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Goin’ Japanesque!

Just About 100 Yen! 23 Convenient & Creative Japanese Products

Today we have put together a list of creative Japan-made items that have been getting some attention recently. Most of which are super cheap, and can be purchased for only 100 yen. We hope you enjoy these items that are sure to make pesky everyday tasks a piece of cake. The products that are 100 yen can be purchased at Japanese 100 yen stores, such as Daiso and Can-Do.


1. Rice Roll Shaker (Furi Furi Nori-Maki)

100 yen

You can make sushi rolls (nori-maki) just by giving it a few shakes.


2. Furi Furi Gohan/Rice Ball

100 yen

You can easily make round rice balls, just by shaking it.


3. Staple-less Stapler

500-700 yen


The paper is punctured and bent in a way that allows papers to stay together without an actual staple.


4. Handy Sealer

100 yen

You can reproduce the same seal for your half eaten bag of snacks.


5. Laundry Net

100 yen


Helps keep certain garments separate within the machine, and will also make it so that your clothing will have less lint/hairballs at the end.


6. Lint Remover

100 yen

You can easily remove lint or loose strings off you clothing, and make it look brand new.


7. Hokkairo

100 yen


Disposable heating pads. Winters necessity. Related: 7 Nostalgic Japanese Winter Gear


8. Ironing Glove

100 yen


Just keep it right on the hanger. No need for an ironing board.


9. Kool Fever (Netsusama Sheet)

1 for about 50 yen

The cool gel on your forehead will bring down your fever.


10. MegRhythm

1 for 70-100 yen


The steam will soothe your tired eyes while sleeping.
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11. Sonic Hour

About 2,000 yen


Beer foam/head made up of fine bubbles can be created instantly using ultrasonic technology. 


12. Friction Ball

100-200 yen

Pen with erasable ink.


13. Triple Pan

About 2000-2500 yen

A frying pan that lets you cook multiple dishes at the same time.


14. Instant Cold Pack

100 yen


A portable packet that cools instantly just with a quick snap. Great item to have for hot summer days.


15. Egg Piercer

100 yen


Piercing a small hole in the eggshell before boiling it allows for an easier peel later.


16. Stainless Steel Soap

100 yen

Removes unwanted odors, such as fishy smells from handling a fish.


17. Apple Slicer

100 yen


All you need to do to slice is place the device on top of the apple and push down. Voila!


18. OchiOchi-V (Melamine Sponge)

100 yen

A magic sponge that can remove dirt and water stains just by dipping it in water and scrubbing.


19. Drink Bottle

100 yen

Once it is emptied you can fold it up, so it won’t be bulky. Can be frozen as well.


20. Coffee Spoon

100 yen


Acts as a clip and measuring spoon.


21. Watering Caps/Spikes

100 yen

Just attach it to any plastic bottle and insert the spiked end into the soil. It will automatically adjust the water supply as needed.


22. Smartphone Stand & Speaker

100 yen

When the phone is placed in the stand, the sound echoes in the dome structure to act as a speaker. Doesn’t even need batteries.


23. Ramen in the Microwave — No Bowl Required

100 yen

You can make perfect instant ramen in the microwave without a pot, and can even eat straight out of the container so there is no need for added dishes. Related: The Instant Ramen Museum and the Birth of Cup Noodles


See anything you may want to run out and buy?

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