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Help for Your First Trip to Japan! Conveniences in Tokyo Station

Many railways run through Tokyo Station, making it a must-use station when traveling in Japan. You can really enjoy your sightseeing if you know how to use the conveniences in Tokyo Station but its layout is complicated and even Japanese people often get lost. As such, we’ve compiled a simplified layout of Tokyo Station from the point of view of someone visiting for the first time. We’ll also share with you convenient luggage storage services that you should know. Read this article and have a more pleasant trip in Japan.


Must-Knows of Tokyo Station’s Layout


First, among the many exits in the station, the most beneficial ones are the Yaesu Exit and Marunouchi Exit. If you exit from one of these then you can easily go to the important places in Tokyo. And, the map above is way too complicated so we’ve simplified the layout below. If you head for the floor you need then you can drastically lower your risk of getting lost.

  • 2nd Floor: Most train lines are here. Also the shinkansen.

  • 1st Floor: The main floor for transfers and ticket gates. The Yaesu Exit and Marunouchi Exit are also here. You’ll go through here and onto the 2nd floor when you’re taking the shinkansen.

  • Underground 1st Floor: GRANSTA is located here, which is a place for souvenir shops and restaurants. You’ll go through the ticket gates on this floor and further underground to ride the Keiyo and Sobu (Rapid) Lines.

  • Further Underground: Keiyo Line and the Sobu (Rapid) Lines. You’ll use the Keiyo Line when you’re going from Tokyo Station to Disneyland.


Store your Luggage and Sightsee Easily

The main modes of transportation in Japan are trains and buses so it’s really inconvenient to carry lots of bags with you. Since you’ll be likely buying souvenirs, your bags will just keep growing. For these times, you should use the following luggage storage services. You can store your bags for 500 – 1,000 yen. You may be nervous about using a coin locker but there’s really no thefts from coin lockers. Feel safe putting your things away. But, of course, keep your valuables with you.

1. Coin Lockers


There are coin lockers with multilingual support within the ticket gates in GRANSTA (underground 1st floor). Here you can look up a free coin locker among the several thousand dotted throughout the station so it’s best to come here first. You can also use a Suica, PASMO or IC Card so you don’t need to worry about coins. Also, if you use an IC Card to pay then it’ll become your key so you won’t need to carry one with you. I’d use the IC Card and pick. However, be warned that if you have your bags stored inside the station then you can’t access them outside of the first train departure time and the last train time. For coin lockers outside of the 1st floor ticket gates, there are many stationed by the Yaesu and Nihonbashi exits.
Search online for coin lockers:

2. GRANSTA Cloak Service: Underground 1st Floor inside the Station

Special features: You can freeze or refrigerate your items

3. JR EAST Travel Service Center: Marunouchi North Exit

Special features: Preference to visitors from overseas and multilingual support.

4. Tokyo Service Center: Nihonbashi Exit inside the Station


Special features: A storage facility run by Sagawa Express. They can also ship your bags between Tokyo Station – your hotel – the airport.

*If you want to access your bags multiple times then it would be cheaper to use the above counter service than a coin locker.


What are your thoughts? Be sure to make use of these when you’re sightseeing in Tokyo :)

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