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Ski in Niseko, Hokkaido: Perfect Powder Snow and Japanese Style Hotels

Niseko, Hokkaido is now best known for their world class snow slopes. Today we will be discussing Niseko’s charm, and will be introducing our top 3 lodging recommendations.


Distinctive Features of Niseko


While there are other locations where you can experience natural powder snow, Niseko’s powder snow “rate” is extremely high. This means that as long as you make the trip, you have a good chance of encountering it. In addition, the area is so large you would have a hard time getting around the entire space in a single day. Since it offers so many different trails for beginners to experts, you won’t have a moment of boredom. 


By purchasing the all-mountain lift pass you will have access to all the slopes around the area. This is extremely well priced, even when compared against other countries. Additionally, there are a wide variety of economical to premium facilities such as restaurants, which give the area great balance as a tourist destination.


Various Events

The Niseko slopes host many events to ensure a great time for all visitors. The Christmas and New Year season is especially an excitement-packed time of the year.


The classic Japanese New Year tradition, Mochi-tsuki. Simply put, this is the ceremony where people pound rice in a large wooden mortar called an usu, to make mochi. This goes without saying, but the mochi enjoyed in the cold snowy mountains is especially delicious.

Taimatsu Kasso


Taimatsu kasso is carried out on the night of New Year’s Eve. This is an event where a large group of skiier/snowboarders slide down the mountains with a lit torch in-hand. It is a view reminiscent of Japanese summer festivals. 


Top 3 Recommended Lodging Facilities

1. Moku no Sho


The guest rooms with the Japanese-style wooden bathtubs are exquisite. This location has many facilities on-site, and is overall a very luxurious hotel. Information: Map

2. Hirafutei


Only moments away from the main slopes of the Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu. You can run straight in to warm your frozen body. The number of guest rooms available paired with the outdoor hot spring bath is ranked second in Japan. Information: Map

3. Goshiki Onsen Ryokan



This is a quiet and private lodging space where you can enjoy the hot springs while being surrounded by nature.  You will be able to feel the warmth of the trees. Information: Map


Once you have had a chance to thoroughly enjoy Niseko, why not also participate in Hokkaido’s famous Snow Festival!
3 Attraction Packed Winter Festivals in Hokkaido

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