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Japan Detour: Cute Sakura-Themed Post Boxes in Tokyo

Spring will be here soon. And here again are the sakura post boxes we shared last year in the spring of 2015 on Facebook and Twitter. The sakura season will, once again, be the talk of the town.


2016 Sakura Blossom Forecast

From Tokyo westwards, sakura will be in bloom at the end of March. Not long now!


Sakura Post Boxes

Say sakura and you’re saying Yoshino cherry, the most famous type of the cherry trees. On 4/6/2015, in the birthplace of these trees (Somei village in the Edo era—now the Komagome region in the Toshima Ward of Tokyo) there were placed pink post boxes with sakura flower petal designs.

Exit the north entrance of the JR Komagome Station and you’ll find them right away. These nice post boxes aren’t limited to the sakura blooming season but are here year round. This is the only place you can see them even in Japan so be sure to stop by. Think of how nice it’d be to send a letter back home from one of these post boxes while you’re on your Japan trip.


Somei-Yoshino-Sakura Memorial Park



And right in front of you is also the sakura memorial park for more than just the post boxes: you can see the real flowers in bloom. Information: Map

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